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Express of CIHS(Edit No.2)

The first day exhibition showed brand-new look


1 Pre-registration hot scene, the exhibition venue is crowded with tens of thousands of people


A sudden and unexpected autumn rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of opening ceremony of the China International Hardware Show(CIHS). Early in the morning of September 18th, the exhibition registry office was crowded with buyers and professional visitors from around the world.


This year's show is unique in its exhibition registration. There is a significant feature that the number of people gathered at the pre-registry is much larger than that at the on-site registry. People here have queued up, conducting pre-registration in orderly and efficient manner, preparing to go into the venue. At the same time, the pre-registration office is also a place to download and install CIHS mobile application. After the completion of pre-registration, many visitors also scan and download Show APP here, to timely receive relevant information and the latest news.


Visitor Registration Lobby this year arrange a specific area for WeChat registration and set punch channel. At 9:00 am, as soon as they entering the exhibition venue, visitors used their mobile phones to follow the official WeChat account of "Organizer of China International Hardware Show" and quickly conduct registration to get their visiting badges. Only half an hour later, the number of visitors conducting on-site WeChat registration and swiping card has exceeded 800.


The exhibition site was crowded with tens of thousands of people. Many international and domestic buyers came here with their luggage after a long journey, and started intense business activity. The international exhibition halls inherited the consistent style of previous years, with German, Italy, Taiwan and other exhibition groups. In addition to the many "existing exhibitors" that have been participated in the show for many years, there were many exhibitors come here for the first time, including FORD and other several well-known overseas enterprises. According to the person in charge of this booth, Ford comes to exhibit electric washing machine and generators and other related tools this time. Although it is first show for Ford, a lot of buyers and visitors came to the booth and show their great interests.


2 Association leaders accompanied President Bu Zhengfa to visit the exhibition and communicated with multi-party

In the afternoon of September 18, President of China Light Industry Federation Mr. Bu Zhengfa, accompanied by Director of China Hardware Association Shi Senglan and its Executive Director Zhang Dongli and other association leaders, visited 2014 CIHS. President Bu visited booths of Tianding Enterprise, Tri-Circle Lock Industrial, the German exhibition group, Great Wall Seiko, JJ Tools, Great Star Tools, etc; and listened to exhibitors’ introduction of corporates and exhibits.

In "One-Sense Experience Pavilion" of Tianding Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., President Bu had watched the model demonstration of One-Sense product with great interest. At the booth of German exhibition group in W1 International Pavilion, President Bu had a cordial conversation with Chairman of Germany Tools Manufacturers Association Langeluddecke, and visited booths of several German exhibitors accompanied by Langeluddecke. According to the introduction, the Germany Tool Manufacturers Association has been participated in China International Hardware Show for ten consecutive years; and its exhibitors are well-known Germany companies, including Rowdies Company with 187 years of history, which is the largest manufacturer in Germany grinding tools field.

At Great Wall Seiko Booth in W2 Pavilion, President Bu had an in-depth conversation with the company Chairman Zhu Wenjiang and listened the experience of the Great Wall Seiko branding. President Bu said that China's manufacturing industry must establish its own national brand for the purpose to occupy the high end market and to fulfill the dream of transition from manufacturing power to creating power.

After taking a short rest, in the evening of September 18, President Bu Zhengfa met with German representatives. Asia- Pacific President of Koelnmesse GmbH Mr. Dreyer, Chairman of Germany Tools Manufacturers Association Langeluddecke, President of Koelnmesse GmbH (China) Feng Xiangjun had attended the meeting. Bu Zhengfa said at the meeting that China International Hardware Show has been held for several years, and the results have been better year after year, new products have been increased year by year, which is very impressive. Mr. Bu expressed his appreciation for the supports of Germany in the exhibition, that include helping Chinese enterprises with idea of improving development through exhibition and play a leading role in industry and business development; he wishes to continue to strengthen cooperation with the German side. Mr. Dreyer, on behalf of the German side, expressed concern for President Bu and appreciation for his arrival. He invited President Bu to visit International Hardware Fair in Cologne, and introduced situation of German side. The guests present at the meeting also expressed their views from different perspectives, expressed their confirmation for further cooperation between China and Germany. The meeting was held with escort of Director of China National Hardware Association Ms. Shi Senglan and its Executive Director Mr. Zhang Dongli, its full-time Vice Chairman and Secretary General Jin Lixin. Director of Hardware Electrical Association of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Lao Jianbin, Director of Light Industry Branch of CCPIT Sub Director Wang Zhenhe also attended the meeting.

On the first day of exhibition, the Association leaders were very busy all day long. In the morning of September 18, Director Shi Senglan, Executive Director Zhang Dongli, full-time Vice Chairman and Secretary General Jin Lixin, full-time Vice Chairman Lu Jiying held official conversation with Asia- Pacific President of Koelnmesse Mr. Dreyer, President of Koelnmesse (China) Mr. Feng Xiangjun and its General Manager Song Hansi. Both parties expressed their appreciations for the successful opening of 2014 China International Hardware Show, and conducted in-depth discussion of related matters in 2015 China International Hardware Show.


3. Witness turning point of the show

In the evening of September 18, the important event in the history of China International Hardware Exhibition had happened, this is the best time to witness a turning point in the show.

At that night, "Starting Ceremony of 2015 China International Hardware Show" was held on "Opening Banquet" in Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. It was informed that 2015 China International Hardware Show will be moved to the National Exhibition Centre(Shanghai) in Hongqiao. Mr. Bu Zhengfu, President of China National Light Industry Council, will initiate the crystal ball symbolizing the reappearance of China International Hardware Show, together with Director of China National Hardware Association Ms. Shi Senglan and its Executive Director Mr. Zhang Dongli, Director of Hardware Electrical Association of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Lao Jianbin, Director of Light Industry Branch of CCPIT Sub Director Wang Zhenhe, Asia- Pacific President of Koelnmesse Mr. Dreyer, and President of Koelnmesse (China) Mr. Feng Xiangjun.

Director Shi Senglan delivered a speech on stage during the banquet and expressed her heartfelt thanks to all exhibitors and buyers who have concerned and cared about the growth and development of the show for dozen years; and she gave her best wishes for success of this exhibition, and looked forward to meet at the National Convention and Exhibition Centre(Shanghai) in 2015. Zhang Dongli made a brief introduction of new halls in 2015 China International Hardware Show and new exhibition invitation approaches.

The brilliant crystal balls lighten the meeting place, the guests’ smiles as well as the future of China International Hardware Show.

New starting point, new strategy, and new pattern. With the glory and dream, the China International Hardware Fair is about to officially move to National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai between Oct 21 to 23, 2015, after successfully held for fifteen years at Shanghai New International Expo Center, Pudong.

It is understood that the National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai) at Hongqiao has been selected as the venue for the Show due to its advanced conditions, and the exhibition schedule is also one of the factors that the Show organizers prefer to. According to the existing information, the 2015 China International Hardware Show will be held at No.4.2, No.5.2, No.6.2, No.7.2 and No. 8.2 Exhibition Hall in Hongqiao as well as the Western Hall, from Oct.21 to 23, 2015, with the exhibition area reaching 150,000 square meters.

According to the report, the 2015 China International Hardware Show will be divided into five major theme exhibition halls, that is, International Hall, Tool Hall, Building Hardware Hall, Lock Hall, Kitchen and Washroom Hall. The professional division of the exhibition halls will greatly accommodate the buyers and professional visitors. In addition, the organizers will hold forums and other activities at the thematic exhibition hall, which will deliver more professional and caring services to the exhibitors.

It is introduced that, the 2015 Show will appear in a new pattern of "unchange" and "change", where “unchange” refers to a permanent close cooperation among the Show organizers, supporting units, co-organizers, and the e-commerce partners; while “change” means that there will be changes in the division of exhibitor invitation work by the co-organizers. Beijing Triuni Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the exhibition invitation for building hardware, locks, kitchen and washing room products, while Shanghai Mainland Tools Development Co., Ltd. will be responsible for that of all tools.

It will lay a solid foundation for the sustained development of the China International Hardware Show through serving the show and leading the industry. We have reasons to believe that China

International Hardware Show will achieve greater success and glory in the future.


4. President of Great Wall Seiko-Mr Zhu Wenjiang held new book signing& giving ceremony

On the show, the most active factor remains to be businesses.

At 10:00 on September 18, the Great Hall Seiko booth in W2 pavilion was crowded with people. Chairman of Great Wall Seiko Zhu Wenjiang was holding his new book "Dream lofty" launching & signing ceremony. Director of China National Hardware Association Shi Senglan, its Executive Director Zhang Dongli, full-time Vice Director and Secretary General Jin Lixin, full-time Vice Director Lu Jiying attended the ceremony. Industry colleagues at the exhibition site and leadership of relevant industry organizations were also involved in the ceremony. Association leaders affirmed the efforts made by Zhu Wenjiang for thirty years in the tool industry: perseverance, forging ahead with great determination, promoting the progress of national brand.

In the signing & giving link, Zhu Wenjiang sequentially presented his autographed book to Association leadership as gift and took pictures with them one after another, the site atmosphere was warm and getting good response.


5 Superman “appeared” in the exhibition venue

In the exhibition venue this year, a new atmosphere of creating brand with new concepts and new means was conveyed.

In the passage way of exhibition hall, a handsome “superman” holding a billboard, dressed in blue S clothes and red cloak, shuttled in the exhibition venue, which attracted many people's attention. It turned out that the Superman is an employee of a tool design company in W4 pavilion, he was so deliberately dressed to convey the concept that " Superman 'does no copy' in design" for tool products.

In addition, it can be often seen that a variety of exhibitors teams holding billboards and walking through the booths, reflecting the increasing awareness of publicity of exhibitors and their diversified propagandizing forms.


6 Next year will be better

According to one of the show organizers--Koelnmesse GmbH, the 2015 exhibition invitation work has been carried out in an orderly way since the date of the exhibition opening. It is reported that old customers of Germany and Italy exhibition groups will continue participate in the exhibition. In addition, China International Hardware Show has become a platform for Taiwan counterparts’ self-promotion. At the booth of Taiwan Hand Tools Association, handmade yearbook produced by Taiwan Hand Tools Association, Taiwan Hardware Show leaflets and other information are displayed. According to the on-site staff, Taiwan exhibition group maintained its consistent level this year, with very good exhibition results; they also invited mainland compatriots to visit hardware show in Taiwan. Viewed from the current situation, next year the exhibition area of Taiwan exhibition group will increase 200 square meters on the basis of this year.





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