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The New Starting Point of CIHS and CIKB

New Starting Point, New Strategy, New Pattern

The China International Hardware Show Ignites a New Dream

-Opening Ceremony for China International Hardware Show Moving to New Exhibition Halls


The brilliant crystal balls lighten the meeting place, the guests’ smile and the future of China International Hardware Show (CIHS) as well.


"The Opening Ceremony for China International Hardware Show Moving to the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NCEC)" will be held at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai on September 18, 2014. Mr. Bu Zhengfu, Director of China National Light Industry Council, will initiate the crystal ball symbolizing the reappearance of CIHS, together with Director of China National Hardware Association Ms. Shi Senglan and its Executive Director Mr. Zhang Dongli, Asia- Pacific President of Koelnmesse Mr. Dreyer, and Director and Managing Director of Koelnmesse (China) Mr. Feng Xiangjun.


New starting point, new strategy, and new pattern. With the glory and dream, the China International Hardware Fair is about to officially move to National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai, after successfully held for fifteen years at Shanghai New International Expo Center, Pudong.


The New Starting Point

The Best Exhibition Halls Chosen for the Best Exhibition


"It is our intention to hold the best exhibition at the best exhibition halls when we select the venue”. It is introduced that the NCEC, situated in Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District, is co-built by the Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal People's Government, with a total construction area reaching 1.47 million square meters, which is the world's largest single building and the convention complex with the largest area. It has 400,000-square-meter indoor exhibition halls, 100,000-square-meter outdoor exhibition area and business center, coupled with a series of supporting facilities such as office buildings, hotels, and conference rooms.


The Show organizers said in an interview that, the NCEC has been selected as the venue for the Show, due to its advanced conditions, and the exhibition schedule is also one of the factors that the Show organizers prefer to.


“China’s hardware industry is highly dependent on the imports and exports. The organizers prefer to select the exhibition scheduled in October, but it has been unable to be met by the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Pudong for the past ten years. The exhibition schedule at the Center is not fixed each year which will be inconvenient for the planning and advertising of the Show, and even worse for the exhibitors and buyers to develop their participation and procurement plans. After several attempts of communication with the NCEC, our requirements have been satisfied with a promise not to make any change, which is a great news for the organizers, exhibitors, buyers and professional visitors", said the related principle of the Show organizers.


According to the existing information, the 2015 CIHS will be held at No.4.2, No.5.2, No.6.2, No.7.2 and No. 8.2 Exhibition Hall in Hongqiao as well as the Western Hall, from Oct.21 to 23, 2015, with the exhibition area reaching 150,000 square meters.


"Since 2008 after the exhibition area for CIHS exceeding 100,000 square meters, our focus has no longer been area expansion, but the improvement in the exhibition content and service quality. Although the 2015 Show is expected to reach an area of 150,000 square meters, it is not what we concern about; instead, we seek the Show’s brand reputation and to create value for the participants, which is exactly why CIHS differs from others, and the philosophy we will adhere to in the future", said the Executive Director of China National Hardware Association Mr. Zhang Dongli


The New Strategy

The Professional Division of the Exhibition Area Delivers a Professional Service for the Exhibition


CIHS has been viewed as the most comprehensive exhibition in the industry, which has covered a large number of hardware accessories such as tools, building hardware, fasteners, DIY, locks, security products, machinery and electrical products, manufacturing equipment, kitchen and cabinets, kitchen appliances, bathroom and kitchen products. However, the diversified products for the exhibition have also brought inconvenience to the division of the exhibition area.


How to divide the exhibition halls more appropriately has always been the problem that the organizers want to solve, which might be resolved after the Show’s moving to the exhibition halls in Hongqiao due to more reasonable exhibition hall distribution.


According to the organizers, the 2015 CIHS will be divided into five major theme exhibition halls, that is, International Hall, Tool Hall, Building Hardware Hall, Lock Hall, Kitchen and Washroom Hall. The professional division of the exhibition halls will greatly accommodate the buyers and professional visitors. In addition, the organizers will hold forums and other activities at the thematic exhibition hall, which will deliver more professional and caring services to the exhibitors.


"The hardware industry is featured by a linkage to multiple products, industries and businesses. Through the division of the thematic exhibition halls, you may see the show display a resource integration for the products, with both strong integrity and large convenience for visiting and purchasing, which is improvement in the Show at the strategic level, though it is seemingly simple", said Ms. Shi Senglan.


The New Pattern

Each of the Show Organizers Performs its Own Functions


CIHS also represents the most successful example among large-scaled exhibitions in terms of labor division. The many years’ cooperation between the China National Hardware Association and the Koelnmesse has brought significant influences and reputations to the exhibition which also is the cornerstone of successful exhibition. As co-organizers of the Show, Beijing Triuni Exhibition Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Mainland Tools Development Co., Ltd. have been undertaking a lot of practical works and have made huge contributions to a continuing prosperity, which are the backbone for a successfully holding of the show.


It is introduced that, the 2015 Show will appear in a new pattern of "Unchange" and "Change", where “Unchange” refers to a permanent close cooperation among the show organizers, supporting units, co-organizers, and the e-commerce partners while “Change” means that there will be changes in the division of exhibitor invitation work by the co-organizers. Beijing Triuni Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the exhibition invitation for building hardware, locks, kitchen and washing room products, while Shanghai Mainland Tools Development Co., Ltd. will be responsible for that of all tools.


The industry insiders said that, with a clear division of the exhibition invitation work by the co-organizers, it can avoid resources waste and internal friction due to the overlapped works; and it will drive the exhibition invitation units to concentrate on their responsible booth sales works. The new pattern establishment of exhibition invitation is benefited by the generous understanding of two co-organizers, which will also benefit to this well prepared exhibition grown by multi-parties.


CIHS has always been known as an indicator for the hardware market and an industry benchmark. Under the new situation, the organizers should not rigidly adhere to the achievements made over the past, but adapt to the situation and enable the Show to stand at a new starting point with the new strategy and new pattern, and seek actively for the innovations and changes. It will lay a solid foundation for the sustained development of the CIHS through serving the show and leading the industry. We have reasons to believe that CIHS will achieve greater success and glory in the future.



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